A Need for Ethics

More than ever before there’s a need for ethics and basic human decency at work, at home, and in our communites.

In a world of declining morality and kindness we find increased businesses, employers, employees, husbands, and wives looking for self satisfaction and glory. Selfishness is on the rise, and it hurts everyone.

I’m inspired by good men and women who honor and respect each other and themselves. They don’t cheat. They don’t steal. They treat others with respect. They value strong morals and honesty. They concern themselves with others more than their wallet and fame.

We need more of these people today. We need them leading our communities, companies, and government. We need people who dare make respectable, good decisions in the face of opposition. We need people who can lead with integrity and honesty.

Be one of those people.

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  1. Skinny D. calmly types:

    I agree, there is a need for ethics. It’s surprising how often I catch myself making tiny choices that perhaps are not the most ethical, then I justify it by thinking “it’s not that big of a deal.” Your post makes me think I need to not excuse myself so easily. I bet if I worked at it, making more ethical choices could come just as easily.
    .-= Skinny D.´s last blog: Maintaining Mount =-.

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